It aims to maximize the scope of communication within companies regardless of their size or resources, through the development of effective strategies that directly affect the achievement of their business objectives.

People reached through our campaigns.

More than 43 companies in Colombia and in the world have trusted us.

Our agency will be an ally to advertise your company through marketing solutions and digital communication. Our goal is to make your sales line increase substantially every year.

We are always here for our clients. For us, a complete communication management is achieved by involving the client in each of the stages of the process, in order to achieve the expected results.

We are committed to improve communication practices within organizations. Therefore, we not only provide our clients with tools that go beyond training, but also provide real training for the teams of your organization, to raise the standard of communication management in them.

In Green Room we have a line of research dedicated to new trends in communication, something like a radar that allows us to live up to global standards. The best thing is that we don’t stop there, but we share the results with our network of clients and friends, helping to build new concepts in strategic communication.

We have experience in the field of strategic communication, public relations and the digital area in Colombia. We are a group of consultants specialized in strategic communication, that through our support lines – Insight, Media & PR, Digital, and Training & Research – we are able to create and respond to the communication needs of our clients.

Karem Díaz


Carlos Díaz

Creative Director

Alejandro Tarquino

Account Manager

Karollay Mateus


Paola Escobar Caballero

Social Media

Maria Robles


Adriana Dominguez

Cartagena account executive

Steven Ríos

Web Designer
and Developer

Diana Mendez

Public Relations

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Online advertising

Julian Valero

Brand Promotion

Yamile Contento

Business advisor

Xairet Monroy

Brand Promotion Coordinator

Christian Vásquez

Audiovisual Producer

Juan Londoño

Audiovisual Producer

Miguel Galarza

Audiovisual Producer

Annie Espinoza

Public Relations

Mery Hernández


Cesar Casas


Israel Salazar


Jessica Ríos

Business advisor

Iván Castellanos

Director of operations

Rosa Herrera

Programmatic PSP

Alfonso Rodriguez

Business advisor

Good internal communication improves your team performance.

Nowadays, it is necessary to establish a communication channel that indicates the organizational transformations.

Social networks are a fundamental part of a company’s strategic communications plan in this digital era.

In Green Room we provide our clients with key and successful tools as part of our comprehensive strategic communication management.

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